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“An epiphany”

Mohan Rao reviews The Price of Experience for Economic and Political Weekly (India), August 16, 2014 Let me begin with disclosures: I know Mike Marqusee, and am a profound fan of his work. I loathe cricket, but read his book Anyone But England: An Outsider Looks at English Cricket (1994), a veritable political economy of… Read more

“No ordinary account of living with cancer…”

Virginia Moffatt reviews The Price of Experience for Peace News, June 2014 ‘When I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2007, I vowed to friends I would not add to the surfeit of cancer confessionals’, Mike Marqusee writes in his introduction to this collection of essays. It was, however, a promise he ‘should have known’… Read more

Neoliberal games

International Socialist Review, Issue 93, Summer 2014 Mike Marqusee reviews Brazil’s Dance With the Devil: The World Cup, the Olympics, and the Fight for Democracy, by Dave Zirin (Haymarket Books). From June 12, the month-long soccer World Cup will capture global audiences of hundreds of millions, generating vast revenues for FIFA (the game’s notoriously venal… Read more

“Nothing short of magic”

Steve Andrew reviews The Price of Experience for The Morning Star, 12 May, 2014 WHEN Mike Marqusee was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2007 he was adamant, largely for reasons of privacy, that he wasn’t going to write about his experience. But he changed his mind and a good thing he did so because he… Read more

Original things to say on a much covered subject

Mike Phipps reviews The Price of Experience for Labour Briefing, May 2014. When diagnosed with cancer in 2007, Mike Marqusee was determined not to write about it. We should be thankful that he has done so, because on this much-covered subject, he has many original things to say. Politicians talk about waging a “war on… Read more

Olympic icons

Contending for the Living Red Pepper, June-July 2012 In a world where the words ‘iconic’ and ‘icon’ have been cheapened by gross overuse, it’s salutary to recall their original meanings. In a religious context, an icon is a representation that is more than a representation, an image that contains a power beyond itself. It’s not… Read more

“Activist for the epic game”

The Mercury, Durban, South Africa Monday February 28 2011 With the 10th World Cup now under way, 50-over cricket and the event itself are on trial, says one of the game’s most provocative, passionate and analytical followers, Mike Marqusee. Patrick Compton spoke to him. THE famous dictum of historian CLR James: “What do they know… Read more

Journey of events and evidence

If I Am Not For Myself: Journey of an Anti-Zionist Jew by Mike Marqusee reviewed by Daniel Machover, Socialist Lawyer, September 2008 “a highly readable and engaging mix of biography, autobiography and political analysis…” This book tracks the life of the author’s grandfather, Edward V Morand (known in the book as EVM), a journalist, founder… Read more

Saga of an on-going crime

BOOK REVIEW: Secrets and Lies: The True Story of the Iraq War by Dilip Hiro (Politico’s, ?9.99 paperback) The Spokesman, Issue 88, November 2005 In August 2003, the Bush administration published its “100 Days in Iraq” report, declaring confidently: “Most of Iraq is calm, and progress on the road to democracy and freedom not experienced… Read more

Renaissance reflections

BOOK REVIEW The Devil’s Broker: Seeking Gold, God and Glory in Fourteenth-Century Italy, by Frances Stonor Saunders, Fourth Estate Medici Money: Banking, Metaphysics and Art in Fifteenth-Century Florence, by Tim Parks, Atlas Books, WW Norton From Heaven to Arcadia: The Sacred and the Profane in the Renaissance, by Ingrid D. Rowland, New York Review Books… Read more