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Rescatar el pasado para construir el futuro

Spanish translation of Red Pepper column ’1200 BC: The world’s first industrial action … rescuing the past for the future’ Translated for Rebelión by Christine Lewis Carrol La ciudad de Luxor, en el sur de Egipto, fue noticia en Gran Bretaña a finales de febrero con ocasión de la muerte de 19 turistas en un… Read more

From the pyramids to Tahrir Square

The Hindu 6 April, 2013 Like travellers since Alexander, we started at the pyramids. After a spell in Cairo’s medieval quarter, followed by a visit to the New Kingdom tombs and temples in Luxor, we ended in Tahrir Square, where we joined thousands in a demonstration against President Morsi and his government. On the eve… Read more

1200 BC: The world’s first industrial action … rescuing the past for the future

Contending for the living Red Pepper, April-May 2013 The city of Luxor in southern Egypt made the headlines in Britain at the end of February, when 19 tourists were killed in a hot air balloon accident. That tragedy will compound the woes of Egypt’s tourist industry, once a major source of employment and foreign currency,… Read more

A lovely, worldly quirk

LEVEL PLAYING FIELD The Hindu, 9 February In 1420, a genuinely epochal event took place on a small, isolated, previously uninhabited island in the Atlantic, some 360 miles west of Morocco. That year, the Portuguese fleet – the most advanced in the world at the time, thanks to Prince Henry the Navigator – located Madeira…. Read more

Western Sicily: where boundaries blur

India Today Travel Plus, October 2004 Don’t go to Sicily expecting the civilised charms of Tuscany or the aesthetic refinement of the great Renaissance capitals. This is a different world, haunted by a past of great antiquity, riddled with tragedy. Here the boundaries between east and west, Europe and Africa, Christian and Muslim are blurred…. Read more